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Welcome to the blog!

A couple of years ago I and my family decided to leave the busy city life and move to the suburbs for a slower lifestyle that’s much more conducive for raising kids.  My husband Greg and I agreed to purchase a bigger lot so we can have our home and at the same time maintain a garden since it has always been my dream to have one.


These are my magenta peonies.  Magenta is actually my favourite among the rest.  It’s sweet and everytime I look at them, they seem to emit energy to me.  It is perhaps because the colour is so vibrant and joyful.  My youngest Ella love magenta and yellow peonies.  If you ask her why she likes magenta peonies, she would always answer, “Because it’s my mum’s favourite peonies in the whole world!

I am happy with the community we are now a part of and it has always been refreshing especially when I think of how we struggled in the city with work and the kids.  A little later after the move, my garden is a dream come true.

peonies 2

This was taken last Sunday because Ella insisted on it.  Don’t you just love the glow this picture has?

I remember my first walk in customer in the early summer of 2013.  Her name was Beth and she happens to be visiting a neighbor.  She was so attracted with my pink peonies and she was so persistent of paying for a bunch of them.   The day after that, I bought various colours of peonies.  Yes! It all started with that first sale and peonies.  That was how my garden became a business, a business which I happen to enjoy, it isn’t work at all.  Now, I have lots of peonies, complete with all colour varieties.

If my Grandma Louise is still alive, she would have been very happy with my garden.  She was my influence when it comes to gardening.  I always look forward to summers where I get to spend my vacation with her.  I used to help her maintain her garden every morning.

So that’s it!  I love gardening, it’s a passion.  Hopefully with this blog, I can learn more from other garden lovers at the same time share what I know.

Welcome to my blog!

Top Gardening Tips for Beginners

So, you wake up one day and resolute to start a garden of your own.  I say, “Why not? Go ahead!” Gardening is fun because you can be as creative as you want to be.  It is a great hobby and when you have lots of free time, it is actually a productive past time.  Below are basic tips that a novice gardener should know.

Control weeds and not the other way around


It is essential that you are able to control weed growth.  If you are not able to control these unwanted weeds, you can only expect that your produce will not be at optimum.  When weeds are just all around, most likely water cannot get to your plants and if the weeds are longer than your plants, the sunshine can’t reach your plants.  Weed control is not a heavy task especially if you do some hoeing on a daily basis.  You should know that weeds can grow so quickly in a week’s time and when they do, the look of your garden can be discouraging.  Oh well, I used to be so lazy taking weeds out every day so trust me, I know what I am talking about.  Weed control is the topmost gardening tip.

Animal  Control/Pest Control


While it is true that weed control is the most crucial consideration when it comes to gardening, animal and pest control can’t be set aside.  I have a friend who is also a gardener for years, she used to tell me her encounter with beetle worms and a deer and how she vowed that she will never allow such thing to happen again.  Can you imagine how much effort a gardener makes so that a garden can be a haven of beauty and bounty?  He or she would prepare the ground, turning it, hoeing it, evening it out, planting, watering and hoeing the weeds every single day but in a snap all these efforts can be gone when there are beetle worms and deer!  If you have a fence, fine but if it’s a deer, it can easily jump over it.  The remedy for this is the square foot gardening method.  Using this method your garden will have lesser weeds and as a result, pests and even deer won’t be attracted to your garden.  Cover your 3X6 plot with net.  The net is added protection.

Garden all year round


It is a misconception that you can only garden during spring and summer.  If you are interested to garden even in winter and fall, you can install a greenhouse system and then use the square foot gardening method again where you utilize a cold cover for your garden and not to worry about frost at all.

These tips are fairly basic and are not difficult to follow.  Embrace these basic tips and you will have a garden full of beauty and bounty.

Here is Mel Bartholomew on Square Foot Gardening.

Easiest Vegetables to Grow at home

Do you remember how your mum tells you as a child that vegetables are the best in the world or maybe somewhere along that line? Well mine did but maybe that was good many years ago.  Having fresh veggies for snacks instead of junk food is an ideal option but today it is seldom that you can find high quality fresh veggies because on how they are grown.

When you buy fresh vegetables in the market, chances are they have lots of pesticides and are not good if taken raw.  However, this should not be an excuse for all of us both young and old, we can grow our own vegetables and it’s super easy with easy to grow vegetables.  All you need to know is what these vegetables are and how to use organic fertilizers!

Here is a list of vegetables that are easy to grow using organic fertilizers:


radishRadish – When you are just beginning to get into gardening, you will find out that radish is a great choice to start your gardening mainly because radish is not sensitive to climate changes.  You can grow then throughout the year.  They grow fast, in about 4 weeks you are immediately see significant growth.  What is also great about radish is that they don’t get easily affected pests and diseases.  So, caring for radish isn’t that tasking and time consuming.  What you have to make sure is ample water in summer and just enough during winter.

Radish is usually not affected by and diseases or by pests. You need not be too careful with them. They need ample water if you are growing them in summer season. But so much of water is not required in winter season. You should pick up these veggies as soon as they are somewhat big. Otherwise if they stay on in the fields like that they tend to become hard and woody and lose all their taste.



Cherry tomatoes – Cold climates are cherry tomatoes favorite.  They are the variety that’s the easiest to grow (among other tomato variants).  A lot of people who are new to gardening grow tomatoes as they are excellent vegetables to grow.  When it is time to harvest, make sure to harvest them right away.



Capsicum – Capsicums grow the best when climate is warm just like chilies.  When temperature is quite cold, they wouldn’t grow as fast as they should.  They can grow as much as 80 cm in length.  They are easy to grow and you can use pots for these.  It would be great to sow its seeds in spring and then when they grow, you can then transfer them into plot beds.  Organic pellets are great fertilizers.  When they are red, that’s when they have the highest vitamin C content.

So now you have an idea on what vegetables to grow first and they are radish, capsicum and cherry tomatoes!